Pilgrimage to the MWAMA

We were fortunate to have the Cursillo group come out and  visit us in the west. for some it was the furthest they had ever travelled. we shared in a camp fire dinner on their arrival, sang songs, heard about each others journey. The town of Mitchell was all benefitting from this visit as the motesl and parks were full with visitors. 71 in total. Thank you for your support

Christmas 2017 in the MWAMA

The Christmas season was filled with many opportunities to share in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ and welcoming Him into our world. Christmas was a typical summer experience of heat and dry, a few spots of rain. We began our services in Cunnamulla, Thargomindah before moving back to Mitchell for Carols by candlelight evening , 1st time in a few years. In Charleville we celebrated and shared time with Wyandra and Augathella. We moved back to Mitchell for late night shopping which is a great opportunity to visit the whole town. Morven we had the Carols evening in the church for a bit of relief from the heat the Christmas month ended with services on properties, Abbieglassie and Silverleaf, then in to town of Amby and finally Mitchell. Christmas day we remembered that the season can be tough for some finding Christmas lonely and sad, we had a 'blue' meal for all to attend who did not have a home to visit.

Over all a blessed Christmas.


Merry Christmas and a blessed new year to YA'll

Christmas in July

We had our annual fund raiser in Mitchell, 'Christmas in July'. It was well setup and ready to go. The weather was predicted to be cold and rainy, but who then listen to the weather . Well just after the food was served we were washed out. All gather in the church and finished their meals in the church building. As I wish for all, that we may get ;bogged', well this was it in our own back yard. It was a time of sharing and thanking the WORC camp for all the work they do in and around Mitchell. 

Rectory Charleville

Over the weekend of the 7th 8th and 9th we had visitors from St Barts Toowoomba. They walk with us as we visited healthy aging and played Hoy, and shared coffee with all. They also shared with us as we all celebrated and gave praise to our loving God in St Aidans, Wyandra, St Luke's Augathella and All Saints Charleville. There was some time for them to enjoy a bit of hard labour as they cleaned and gardened. Not that it was expected. we also visited some properties which was welcomed with hot tea and cakes.

Thanks again for the people who come and walk with us.

Bush Brother Cottage

We have had the Gold Coast St James men come and walk with us. While they were in Mitchell they worked on the bush Brother cottage. With a bit of modern touch and paint it is looking very liable. Thanks to Barry and Barry And Bill. wonderful to have you walk with us. We bought the Windows, hard-flex and plumbing bits from our local hardware. You are welcome abck anytime to come and enjoy your fruits of labour.

Into the desert: Lenten Study

Our Lenten study begins tomorrow 1st of March, Ash Wednesday. For the 40 day journey ABM has put together a 40 day devotional to guide us to the deserts of our souls. The books are available from Steffan at $6 each. This is an opputunity for you to journey towards Easter with a daily devotin by yourself our with others. Discusssing what each reflections means to you as we journey together seeking a deeper relationship with God and His mission for us in the world.

“Into the desert” ABM Lent smartphone app. Download your free app here: www.abmission.org/apps

Ash Wednesday services will be held at All Saints Mitchell at 6pm on the 28th March and Charleville at 11am and Cunnamulla at 6pm on the 1st of March.