Reflection: Matthew 5:21-37

12th February 2107

According to these verses I should be eyeless, and handless. When we come to talking about sin, it is one subject we all tend to stear away from, as if we have never sinned. Or if we have we do talk about it, as if it was something not that bad. Yet we are called to confess our sins and ask for repentance. This is the gift of forgiveness: where we are to set our selves free so we can continue our lives in relationship with God and each other. This is the ideal: to be blameless before our Lord. We need to understand that at time forgiveness takes time to be acknowledged and time to heal. We can at times think that we are not worthy to come before the Lord and remember all he has done for us. But let me assure us all that we are worthy to come before the Lord, for the truth will set us free, and it is that God loves us so much he will not turn us away. Our sins are forgiven when we come to understand the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Church services should be full of thanks and praise for what God has already done for us, that we can turn to God and be embraced by his non-judgemental and unconditional love. Our ‘thanksgiving’ is there to reconcile our relationship with God, to make us righteous by having a right relationship with God in situation we may find ourselves. No matter how dark the situation gets we can always come before our God, on bended knees and open our hearts to ask for forgiveness knowing we are and will be forgiven. The truth will set you free. Renew relationships with each other.