Matthew 21:33-46

Many who live in rural Australia would probably know that we need water, artesian water to live. In order to get to this water we need to drill down, many metres to get to it. The water itself does not need to be pumped, it wells up under its own pressure, life giving water. In theses verses Jesus is revealing the truth to the chief priest and Pharisees by ’drilling‘ through the layers of their denial till they realise He has reached the truth that He is speaking of them. They are the one who have rejected Jesus as the Son of God.

As they have to make ethical and faith choices, so do we. Everyone is given the opportunity to confess Jesus Christ as Lord, while acknowledging that God is made up of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Our free will has not been taken away, yet we are always being challenged that we become accountable for our actions and choices. We need to allow our faith to ‘burrow’ down through our distractions of life, revealing to us all that what keeps us from a relationship with God, opening before us a landscape of ethical and moral options which can bring forth fruits to help grow the kingdom of God.

Jesus does not set the standard of punishment for the workers actions, but it is the Chief priests and Pharisees that do so. Jesus does not want to see us punished, but rather restored to the full relationship with God.

As we mature in our faith, this means that we are called to practise sound values and sound devotions on our own. We are called to look after the kingdom of God, even when God seems distant.       Amen