Between a rock and a hard place: Matthew 17:1-9

I am sure you may have heard the saying: Stuck between a rock and a hard place.  And we can remain stuck by simply doing nothing about it, in other words we need to make decisions. The disciples are in such a situation. On one hand they have lived with Jesus and now seeing that He is truly Special, they want to build tents for all to remain and stay on the mountain, A safe and secure place that they are familiar with . Keep the status quo with very little risk. For them this may have been the ultimate experience of God and they do not want to loose it. For they are also aware that if they continue that Jesus was to go to Jerusalem where He will suffer and die. A world which the disciple would rather avoid if possible. Life needs to go on???

  As we approach Lent and the journey to Easter we too may want to the world to stay as it is, building walls around our souls, protecting us from the heartache of the world, yet also keeping us apart from the wonders of the world we live in. The cross for some may be too disturbing or horrific for us to take in, reminding us as to why? Stirring in us the pain, fear and tragedies of this world.

  These verse are a reminder for all of us that we will be faced with Joy and sorrow through our life time, probably more than once. We cannot build a church building and expect God to remain in it. God is every where. Gods light has already shone into the world through the Joys of Easter, forever conquering death for all who believe. Faith is inviting us into the world out of our comfort zones walking with God through the good times and the storms. Acknowledging the ‘God is with us’ Immanuel. God will find us in the darkness. Verse 7: Get up and do not be afraid.’       Amen