Wants and needs?

Reflection: Matthew 4:1-11

5th March 2017

             What struck me when reading these verses of Matthew is the timing of when Satan tempted Jesus. He had fasted for 40 days and nights, was very hungry and vulnerable. Like us, we are most vulnerable when we are at our weakest: hungry, poor, threatened, angry, …. And it is at this time that temptations are so easy for us to react to. What we think is a solution is actually a short term solutions, with long time regret.

             The strength and wisdom it would take any of us to resist the opportunity when power is offered to us when we have none, to be offered everything when we have nothing, to be offered food when we are hungry, knowing that behind every offer there are strings attached. What we need to be reminded of here is that evil will tempt us at every opportunity to draw us away from God which is sin. To break our relationship with God means to act out our lives away from God in the strength of ourselves.

The three temptations presented to Jesus are all ways of distracting Him from his mission given by God.

Because of our humanity we are drawn to want things to happen to us easily, without effort, this is what is often referred to as the wide and well travelled route. Where as Gods desire is for us to travel the road less travelled, to sacrifice our wantsand desires for what we need. What we want and what we need are quite opposite from each other. God ‘s desire is for us to have a full relationship with Him, to understand that it is through God’s grace that we are set free. Apart from this all others have strings attached, limitations to what we could experience as true freedom. Through Lent (1st March till Easter) let us draw closer to God. For salvation ask yourself: what do I want and what do I need?