All in secret

 John 3:1-17

             In all of us we have at times displayed a bit of what Nicodemus was going through. He had approached Jesus in secret to find out more of who Jesus really is, Nicodemus is curious to know more yet not wanting the other to know of his curiosity.

             We at times have kept our faith secret for many reasons, and the uncertainty is that we are not ready to live a life according to the teachings of Jesus. We need to know that Jesus’ teachings are there to draw ourselves and others closer to God, to bring all into the kingdom of God.   For those who do not have faith in Jesus Christ these verse may be challenging. And at first the words may sound like there is some thing that we can do to achieve rebirth. To move forward from there it is not what we do, but what we are invited into. Our faith is to believe that Jesus Christ was sent into the world because God loved us so very much (3:16), in simpler terms, God became man for our sake.

  Jesus is inviting Nicodemus, and us, to be born again with water and Spirit, to allow God to work in our lives, to have God as part of our journey. Salvation comes though belief in Jesus Christ and in these verse we are called to open our hearts and imagination to rekindle our relationship with God. To be born again, to more mature, to have the courage to step out into the world and repent of our sins, confessing Christ as our Saviour. And like natural birth, this may take 9 months, but our faith is not measured in time, but it is measured by how we live our lives after we accept Christ as Lord. Let us all step into the light and confess our faith, to one person at a time. Amen