Most will say that Easter is finished, most have enjoyed the long weekend with family gatherings and great food. This week we in Australia and other places around the world will be gathering to remember all who have fought in wars so that we can live in freedom and peace so we can gather as families and at our leisure. Men and women over the years have fought for our freedom, and we are to be reminded that ANZAC day is not there to glorify war but to remind us that what we may take for granted has been paid for.

Cleopas and the ‘other’ may not be understanding of what may have happened at Easter. And on the road to Emmaus they were discussing the situation they have found themselves, with the disbelief of the death of Jesus and they may have left Jerusalem early before Christ rose from the dead, missing the resurrection.

And it may be for some of us that we too have given up too soon and missed out on the bigger picture of what our Christian faith is all about.

I do encourage us all to both look at our Christian faith in its fullness and not take it for granted or give up before we fully open our hearts eyes and mind to receive Jesus as our Saviour. He has Risen, He has Risen indeed Alleluia.