Matthew 14:22-36

"The reason we seem to lack faith in our times is that we are not doing anything that requires it." Ernest Campbell.

Are we willing to step out of our comfort zones and venture out into the storm partaking in events we have no control over. Are we willing to do this all in faith? Stepping out of the 'boat' takes faith, we step from what we are familiar with into what we may see the full picture. God's love that this world so needs to hear will not get there on its own, it needs people like you and me to do it. Being a disciple of Jesus requires that we take risks, but we do not do it alone if we are reminded that God is always with us.

William H Willimon says it best:

"If Peter had not ventured forth, had not obeyed the call to walk on water, then Peter would never have had the opportunity for recognition of Jesus and to be rescued by Jesus." 

We are not called when we are perfect but we are called when Jesus knows we are ready. We can remain away from the storms that rage around us and continue day to day, but will that deepen our faith, strengthen our faith. If we want to have our faith as a Christian to be strengthened and deepend, we need to walk where Jesus walks spreading justice in the dark places and trusting that He will always be with us.