February 4th 2018

Reflection: Mark 1:29-39 (before reading the reflection read the verses)

Mark seems to bean impatient writer. It looks like he just wants to tell the story of Jesus , focussing more on His journey rather than His beginnings. The first 28 vrs Mark has introduce Jesus (1:1), Jesus Himself has dealt with Satan in the wilderness (1:10), declares Gods reign on earth (1:12-13), chosen His first disciples (1:16-20), and shown His power over demons (1:21-28). In these verse we read today , again Mark is racing through the life of Jesus. Leaves the synagogue, enters Simons home (1:29), heals Simons mother (1:30-31), heal many nmore (1:32-34), Takes time out to pray (1:35), and move on to other towns proclaiming the Gospel (1:35-39).

Yet Mark also includes that Jesus kept reminding His disciples to keep what they have witnessed a secret. As for us the reader we know the identity of Jesus and of course the demons within the story. Yet It may be so that Mark wants us to understand that amongst all Jesus business, He is not doing it for any one places or nation but for everyone, always moving. And amongst the business He takes time to pray, for it is from God that Jesus is able to do all He does, not Himself, but for God.

Are we able to take time from our busy lives and give time to pray to God, time to give thanks and praise to God, time to sit in Gods presence alone.

Spiritually we need to take time out to recharge our relationship with God. For if there is one important thing we aught to do is have a relationship with God.  Amen.