February 11th - Transfiguration - Mark 9:2-9

Right in the middle of the Gospel of Mark, we have the event which we label, the ‘Transfiguration’, the assurance that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. For not only did the disciples witness Jesus glowing and dazzling white with Moses and Elijah, they heard the voice from the clouds affirming that Jesus is the Son of God.

             For the disciple this is what they may needed to hear. For Peter, the moment was so powerful he wanted to remain there and build a place for Jesus, Moses and Elijah to stay. In a way Peter did not see that there is much more to who Jesus is, but what Jesus is doing. His journey was not about have Him standing in the spot light and having one place to remain and yet also the mission is all about pointing the way towards God for us. He wants us all to have a relationship and include God in our journey of life.

  The journey was one of love not deception, a love far more than anyone of us could do. This may come as a shock but it is not a guarantee that everyone knows that Jesus is the Son of God. It is a reminder that our faith is not a race or a destination but a journey. On our journey through life we also need at times to tell others of who Jesus Christ is to us in our lives, and not to keep Him house up in a tent or temple we have built for Him. Jesus is not to be contained in a building or in our hearts, The glory of God through Jesus Christ needs to be told to the world so that more people may come to know the Love that can only come through god in their lives. Amen